Clarinet Fest: International Clarinet Association Professors Clarinet Choir & Awards Presentation


International Clarinet Association Professors Clarinet Choir: 7:00 pm
The final evening of performances will highlight Philippe Cuper, the supersoloiste for the Paris National Opera Orchestra. Cuper will perform a solo during the Professors Clarinet Choir, a 30-minute concert directed by Mitchell Estrin. 

 International Clarinet Association Awards Presentation: 7:30 pm

The theme for ClarinetFest 2016 centers around the 5 clarinetists who encouraged the creation of so much of the clarinet repertoire. From the 18th-century Anton Stadler; from the 19th-century Heinrich Baermann, Johann Hermstedt, and Richard Mūhlfeld; and Benny Goodman from the 20th-century. All inspired the leading composers of their day to write for the clarinet. In addition to performances of some of the music they inspired, there will be opportunities to learn more about their lives and circumstances.

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Free and open to the public. No tickets required.

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