Lied Center main entrance Lied Center Pavilion - exterior view Lied Center Pavilion small concert Lied Center Pavilion - Friends of the Lied Dinner Lied Center Pavilion concert set-up Lied Center Pavilion - post-performance meet and greet Lied Center Pavilion small concert Lied Center Auditorium

Technical Specs

Technical Packet

2013 Technical Specifications [pdf]

Stage Plan, Auditorium Plan, and Auditorium Section Drawings

Drawing A. Stage Plan [Drawing Exchange Format]

Drawing B. Auditorium Plan [Drawing Exchange Format]

Drawing C. Auditorium Section [Drawing Exchange Format]

Lineset Schedule [Excel File]

Lied Center of Kansas

1600 Stewart Drive
Lawrence, KS 66045

Ticket Office

Regular: Weekdays, 11 a.m.-6 p.m.

Performance Day:
Lied Center Presents Performances: We are open two hours before these Lied Center Presents performances.

All Other Performances: We are open one hour before all other performances.

Administrative Office
Hours: Weekdays, 8 a.m.-5 p.m.