Reduced-Price and Free Ticket Applications (Outreach)

Christina Hixson, trustee of the Lied Foundation Trust, established the Lied Performance Fund, a permanent endowment fund aimed at making Lied Center Presents programs accessible to the people of Kansas. The Lied Performance Fund helps support the Lied Center arts education programs, underwrites free and reduced-price tickets to Lied Center Presents performances and makes the arts accessible for social, civic and educational organizations from across Kansas.

"The Lied Center's most important role is to acquaint individuals from all walks of life and cultural backgrounds with rich and diverse performing arts experiences. It assures access to world-class performances, especially for audiences who might not otherwise have this opportunity." ~ Christina Hixson

Choose the appropriate form below to apply for reduced price or free tickets to a Lied Center Presents performance.

State and Local Outreach Application

Not-for-profit organizations and schools, use this form to apply for free tickets to a Lied Center Presents performance.

Charitable Donation Application

Not-for-profit organizations may fill out this form to request tickets to a Lied Center Presents performance. These tickets may be used as a giveaway during a fundraising event.

$5 Ticket Application

If you are a school or university that is making a Lied Center Presents performance part of your curriculum, fill out this form to apply for $5 tickets.

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