Black Violin

Classical violin meets hip-hop, funk, R&B, pop and rock

To most people, classical, hip-hop, funk and R&B are musical genres. But to revolutionary music group Black Violin, they’re ingredients for a sound like no other. Comprising classically trained violist and violinist Wil B. and Kev Marcus, Black Violin combines their classical training and hip-hop influences to create a distinctive multi-genre sound that is often described as “classical boom.” The group has shared stages with top artists, including Kanye West, Aerosmith and Tom Petty, and they have creatively collaborated with the likes of Wu-Tang Clan, Wyclef Jean and Alicia Keys. With their high-energy performances and inspiring dedication to educational outreach, the Lied Center is thrilled to bring back this crowd favorite and IMPACT Award recipient.

“Black Violin upends cultural and musical stereotypes…an unexpected blend of classically trained musicianship and hip-hop beats and inventiveness.” – The Miami Herald

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