Olate Dogs

Winners of America’s Got Talent

Richard Olate grew up in a very poor family of 22 children in Chile, South America. There were many times when they would not have enough to eat for days at a time. His story is not a sad one though. At age 12, he rescued a dog from the street. He loved the dog and found that he had a talent for training. There are many dogs roaming the streets in Chile, so guess what, he put together a routine and, with his mother’s help, booked his act at schools and small circuses. He quickly developed a regular performance schedule but needed more help. His older brother soon joined him, and together, they decided they could do something special. They were right! They worked hard creating a very unique dog act. They spent the next few years traveling with different circuses throughout South America, and in 1989, they premiered in the United States. They have been here ever since. Olate has appeared with his dogs in many television shows, made commercials and been in a movie, as well as worked in stage, nightclub and circus performances. A true testament that no matter where you come from, hard work and determination makes dreams come true.

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