The Peking Acrobats

For the last 33 years, The Peking Acrobats have redefined audience perceptions of Chinese acrobatics. They perform daring maneuvers atop a precarious pagoda of chairs, and they are experts at trick-cycling, precision-tumbling, juggling, somersaulting and gymnastics. They push the limits of human ability and defy gravity with amazing displays of contortion, flexibility and control. The Peking Acrobats are often accompanied by live musicians who skillfully play traditional Chinese instruments. The time-honored Chinese music blends with high-tech special effects and awe-inspiring acrobatic feats, creating an exuberant and family-friendly event with the festive pageantry of a Chinese Carnival.

“The Peking Acrobats [are] pushing the envelope of human possibility, combining agility and grace in remarkable feats of pure artistry.” —New York Post

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