Debutante Balls

A one-man play by Scott Turner Schofield

Three gala balls, two southern towns, one leopard print dress. Do you have the balls to come out like a debutante? Dance through the fascinating culture of the southern debutante ball, and the ways in which everyone must come out (at some point). In Debutante Balls, Schofield goes into race and class as well as being trans and queer. It’s light, for sure, but there’s specific attention paid to white privilege as well as the unspoken aspects of economic class and class privilege. Schofield’s wicked sense of humor and poetic sensibility guides the audience gently through the many ways he came out into southern society—as a lesbian, a radical feminist, and finally, a transgender man.

“A provocative and compelling storyteller, Turner helps us to look at gender in a new way, face our prejudices, and have fun while doing it.” — Amy Ray, Indigo Girls

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