The In-Between

High school

School-only performances are by invitation only
  January 2021

Illustrating the real-life challenges of immigration, income inequality and fears of violence in our schools, The In-Between is a realistic and relatable play exploring the complex social circumstances students must navigate in today’s world. When Lily’s best friend, Brit, and the guy she likes, Karim, clash over racist, anti-Muslim memes, a misunderstanding leads to a school lockdown. Lily finds herself right in the middle, forced to make hard choices about which friend’s truth she’s going to believe.

nea-lockup-B-WEBAudio description (AD) is available for this performance. AD provides access to the visual elements of a performance, like action, costumes, sets and gestures. Pick up a headset from the Audience Services Desk at the Lied Center to access this service. For more information, visit