Modern Warrior LIVE

The story and sound of a combat veteran’s journey

Modern Warrior LIVE is a uniquely immersive narrative and music experience that chronicles one veteran’s journey. U.S. Army veteran Jaymes Poling shares the story of his three deployments in Afghanistan and subsequent transition back home. His personal and emotional story is told alongside performances led by Modern Warrior LIVE co-creator and acclaimed jazz trumpeter Dominick Farinacci and a cast of world-class artists spanning multiple genres. Jaymes’s story is his own, but the themes explored in the show are universal. Generations of veterans, and countless civilians, have seen the show and found a deep connection with the stories and experiences. Since the show’s debut in 2017, there have been more than 100 live performances of Modern Warrior LIVE around the country at theaters, mental health and veteran conferences, galas, high schools and trauma centers.

Modern Warrior LIVE is a national non-profit organization dedicated to creating an understanding between veteran and civilian communities through live performances, collaborative workshops and the sharing of stories. It aims to break down the societal barriers that leave veterans feeling alone and provides a catalyst for meaningful conversation about mental health, post-traumatic growth and the veteran experience. As the pandemic has exacerbated existing mental health and personal challenges, and the exit from Afghanistan has understandably brought additional complex and difficult feelings and conversations to the forefront, the story of Modern Warrior Live and the conversation it sparks is more important now than ever.

“…an innovative and compelling approach of communicating that post-traumatic stress can result in post-traumatic growth.” — Mark Otto, executive director of the United War Veterans Council

This performance was a part of the Creative Forces Community Engagement Grant program of the National Endowment for the Arts’ Creative Forces initiative, in partnership with Mid-America Arts Alliance.

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