sunset-medThe Lied Foundation Trust

The Lied Center of Kansas opened on September 28, 1993, and was built through the generosity of the Lied Foundation Trust. It is dedicated to Ernst F. Lied’s parents, Ernst M. and Ida K. Lied. Ernst F. Lied attended the University of Kansas from 1923 to 1925 and later graduated from the University of Nebraska. Upon his death, Christina Hixson was appointed as Trustee of the Lied Foundation Trust. An additional gift from the Lied Foundation provided for the construction of the Lied Pavilion, and a gift from the William T. Kemper Foundation provided for the expansion of the Lied Center main lobby, now the Kemper Foyer.

The Lied Performance Fund Endowment

Lied Foundation Trustee Christina Hixson, a woman of extraordinary vision and leadership, has established a permanent endowed fund for making Lied Center programs accessible to the people of Kansas. The Lied Center and KU Endowment Association acknowledge the following benefactors who have made major contributions to the Lied Performance Fund in response to the challenge grants provided by the Lied Foundation:

  • Irvine and Ellen Hockaday
  • Dick and Kathleen Raney
  • A. Scott and Carol L. Ritchie
  • Richard and Jeanette Sias
  • Louis L. and Adelaide C. Ward
  • Robert K. and Dale Jellison Weary
  • Dean and Marjean Sparling Werries

Lied Performance Fund Board of Governors

  • Christina M. Hixson, Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Douglas A. Girod, KU Chancellor, Lawrence
  • Beverly Smith Billings, Lawrence
  • Jacqueline M. Bogner, Lawrence
  • Martha Gage, Lawrence
  • Don Johnston, Lawrence
  • Kent Saylor, Sabetha
  • Dale Seuferling, KU Endowment, Lawrence

Endowed Funds

We are grateful for the many people who share the Lied Center’s goal of providing people from all walks of life with rich and diverse performing arts experiences. Through the KU Endowment Association, tax-deductible gifts may be made to continue achieving this goal. The following endowed programming and education funds have been established to support the Lied Center:

  • John T. and Maria K. Alexander Lied Center Support Fund
  • Evie Brinkman Memorial Education Fund
  • Sandra Gautt Early Childhood Performing Arts Access Fundschool-on-stage-med
  • Jerry and Jacki Hannah Family Fund
  • Maurice and Betsy Joy Programming Fund
  • Clyde and Marty Nichols Performing Arts Fund
  • The Ethel and Raymond F. Rice Foundation
  • Kent and Donna Saylor Performing Arts Access Fund
  • The Dolph Simons Family Fund
  • Frances Wright Strickland Programming Fund
  • Tim and Jerrye Van Leer Education Endowment

In Support of Chamber Music

  • J. Anthony Burzle Fund
  • Lena M. Stranathan Fund
  • Raymond Stuhl Fund
  • Eugene A. and C. Florence Stephenson Fund

In Support of Lied Across Kansas

  • H. Neil Mecaskey Jr. Foundation
  • Lois Orth-Lopes & Steve Lopes Lied Across Kansas Fund
  • Richard C. and M. Kathleen Peters Fund

Grant Partners

Events and programs in the current season are funded, in part, by:

  • The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation supports the “Utilizing the Performing Arts to Enhance Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) Initiatives” project.​
  • The National Endowment for the Arts, a federal agency, which believes that a great nation deserves great art.
  • University of Kansas Student Senate’s contributions help to fund KU student employment positions at the Lied Center, meaningful interactions between visiting artists and KU students and discount tickets for all college students.