3rd Grade Theatre Arts Day

The Lied Center and USD 497 have been partnering to bring live performing arts experiences to every student in the district, free of charge for nearly 25 years, including this program specifically for 3rd graders. 3rd Grade Theatre Arts Day gives every 3rd grader in the district a chance to spend an entire day at the theatre learning about drama, puppets, dance, make up, technical theatre (lighting, sound, etc.) and other theatre activities. Students rotate through six different stations. Each station lasts 30 minutes. We rotate through three stations and then take a break for lunch on the Lied Center stage. After lunch, groups rotate through three more stations.

Stations may include:

  • Technical Theatre
    • Lied Center technical staff will give the students a tour of the stage, a ride on the stage lift and learn about lighting and sound.
  • Drama/Theatre
  • Dance/Movement
  • Magic/Juggling
  • Storytelling
  • Makeup
    • The Makeup station is by far the favorite with the 3rd graders. Students see demonstrations of how to apply make up for the best affects, reminding them that folks that are sitting in the balcony will be able to see the scar, or some other important feature to a character’s face.
  • Puppetry
    • Each student has a turn handling and voicing wide variety of puppets. The teacher demonstrates how to create a voice and an attitude for the puppet they chose.