Explore “LIEDership Conversations”

We’re excited to share a new video series of conversations between Lied Center staff members and world-renown artists and performing arts leaders.

From members of the Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra with Wynton Marsalis about the making of the “Rock Chalk Suite” honoring Kansas Jayhawks basketball legends, to author and producer André Kimo Stone Guess about staying positive and productive during our global crisis, these conversations are engaging, enlightening and educational.

Freddy Gipp—LIEDership Conversation
Freddy Gipp is the founder and CEO of Lead Horse, LLC, and an influencer in Native American affairs. He and Derek Kwan, executive director of the Lied Center of Kansas, talk about Freddy’s Young Professionals Powwows and the way they can help drive economic activity in a community. They also talk about Freddy's multiple initiatives like the “Red Talks” podcast and Indigenous People’s Day forum leading up to the most recent City Commission election. Freddy’s vision and energy contributed greatly to the Lied Center hosting the KU First Nations Student Association Powwow and Indigenous Cultures Festival beginning in 2016.

Freddy also shows off the Dreamstarters blanket he received from the Running Strong Foundation when he accepted the award from Olympic gold medalist Billy Mills. Watch until the end to catch a glimpse of some of the art available for sale on leadhorsellc.com!

See Freddy Gipp’s website for Lead Horse, LLC: https://www.leadhorsellc.com/
Shop at Lead Horse, LLC here: https://www.leadhorsellc.com/shop

Learn more about the Running Strong Foundation: https://indianyouth.org/
Watch Freddy’s full Dreamstarter video here: https://vimeo.com/362077736

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