Mummenschanz–50 Years

Imaginative and pioneering visual performance art

Mummenschanz has enchanted audiences worldwide with its poetic non-verbal performances for half a century. Since its successful three-year run on Broadway, the Swiss-based theater troupe has pioneered a new form of visual theater that has since spawned multiple new genres reclaiming their legacy. Mummenschanz has been dazzling audiences worldwide for decades. By creating a playful yet compelling experience through the inventive use of shadow, light and creative manipulation of objects, Mummenschanz offers timeless insight on the human condition. The result is a visually stunning spectacle that transcends cultural barriers and sparks the imagination.

Celebrating a momentous anniversary, the troupe revisits its history while writing the next chapter in its story of inimitable, non-verbal language. Featuring some of their most beloved and successful productions, their 50th-anniversary tour will take audiences on an imaginative and poetic journey through the infinite, yet familiar, world of imagination conjured by Mummenschanz. The production will also include sketches featuring surprising new forms and characters that capture the troupe’s signature spirit. This fantastic journey is lively, humorous, full of affection and brimming with imagination.

“Mummenschanz succeeds brilliantly because of its originality, exceptional ingenuity, sense of surprise and deft satirical touches.” — San Francisco Chronicle

“Witty madness… dazzling and delightful.” — The New York Times


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