“Rhythm in the Bluestem” by Chris Wolf Edmonds

“Rhythm in the Bluestem

Artist Chris Wolf Edmonds “Rhythm in the Bluestem”.

The Friends of the Lied commissioned a new piece from Chris Wolf Edmonds. Her inspiring artwork entitled “Rhythm in the Bluestem” is displayed in the Lied Center stairwell and featured on the 2019–20 program cover.

Note from the artist

Living in Kansas at the eastern edge of the Tallgrass Prairie Flint Hills makes the majesty of great expanses evident. The ceaseless, subtle consonance of color in the grasslands is a symphony of inspiration and wonder, the rhythm of my existence and the stimulus for my art. I am honored by the Lied Center of Kansas to be able to place ‘Rhythm in the Bluestem’ in a venue that will provide a soundtrack for my visual art.

— Chris Wolf Edmonds