Modern Warrior LIVE

The story and sound of a combat veteran’s journey

During the 2022–23 season, the Lied Center hosted a performance of Modern Warrior LIVE (MWL), an immersive narrative and music experience that chronicles one veteran’s journey. U.S. Army veteran Jaymes Poling shares the story of his three deployments in Afghanistan and subsequent transition back home.

Associated with this performance, the creators of MWL have developed an engagement program titled Modern Warrior EXPERIENCE (MWE). This immersive workshop engages local participants empowering them to share their story through Modern Warrior’s format of storytelling. For months leading up to the artists’ visit to KU, the artists worked with two local veterans and one caregiver assisting them in crafting their own unique stories through their own words. The collaboration culminated in a live performance and filming of each participant and the Modern Warrior team. Participants of the Modern Warrior EXPERIENCE here at KU, David Bellis (Afghanistan War Veteran), Matt Hastings (Iraqi War Veteran) and Shawn Moore (Caregiver to a Veteran) gave us permission to show each of their filmed performances. They gave this permission in the hopes that other veterans and caregivers who have gone through that there is help, if needed upon returning to civilian life. And that folks who do not have an idea of what our veterans and caregivers face daily a better understanding.

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Musician Dominick Faranaci created this engagement, titled Modern Warrior EXPERIENCE.