Lied Legacy Seat Campaign


As the Lied Center of Kansas approaches its 30th anniversary in the upcoming 2023–24 season, we are thrilled to invite the community to celebrate this milestone by becoming a permanent part of the venue.

Take your seat in the Lied Center’s history AND help provide access to the performing arts for future generations to come with the Lied Legacy Seat Campaign. This campaign supports a new endowed fund for local students’ bus transportation to school-only performances, every year.

The Lied Center has a long-standing partnership with Lawrence Public Schools providing school-only, age-specific performances for all students in the district. As the school district faces on-going budget constraints, field-trip transportation to these performances can be a challenge for them to accommodate.

Our goal is to help ensure that the cost of bus transportation will never be a barrier for students to access these important performing arts experiences.

With a $500 contribution to the Lied Legacy Seat Campaign, patrons can place their name, or honor a loved one, on a seat plaque in the auditorium. The gift will help provide busing for students to school performances every year, in perpetuity. Name two seats for $1,000 and double the impact for students.

Make your mark at the Lied by naming a seat and leave a legacy that will enable local students to experience the power of the performing arts, now and in the future.

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Important details

  • The seat selected for naming does not guarantee seating location when attending a performance.
  • Gifts to the Lied Legacy Seat Campaign do not count towards the annual Friends of the Lied campaign.
Lied Legacy Seat Campaign: Name A Seat