"Thank you so much to the Friends of the Lied and VIP sponsors for being such a big part of the Lied Center of Kansas. Your contributions to its extraordinary success story over the past 24 seasons has helped create an amazing adventure of incredibly diverse performances and lasting memories for a lifetime. Your annual donation allows the wonderful and very talented staff at the Lied to schedule world‑class performing art events, which include exceptional musical performances, soaring dance and stunning theater productions. Lied Across Kansas as well as the multiple schools‑only and on-site performances at the center for USD 497 students are other very significant ways that the Lied is touching local and other Kansas communities. These performances help create a new generation that understand the power and passion of performing arts. The arts really do help bring everyone together. Please review the professional and informative new season brochure and the performance programs, as well as the Lied website, which allows you to access the multiple layers of what the Lied Center of Kansas is involved with on an on-going basis. Everyone has an opportunity to become personally involved—through performances, activities, volunteering and donations. I am very honored to serve as President of the Friends of the Lied Board for the upcoming season and look forward to meeting many of you throughout the year. Enjoy the new season!”

— Jon Jamison
2017–18 Friends of the Lied Board President