Expanded Beverage Service at the Lied Center

In partnership with KU Memorial Unions, the Lied Center offers an expanded beverage service to include beer and wine. These items will be available at Lied Center Series performances which take place in the auditorium. They will be available one hour prior to the performance and at intermissions, if applicable. Soda, water, coffee and cookies will also be served.

Important Notes

  • Credit cards and cash accepted.
  • Only beverages purchased from KU Memorial Unions at the Lied Center are welcome in the auditorium.
  • Lids must remain on beverages at all times.
  • Expanded beverage service is only available at Lied Center Series in the auditorium.
  • No Intermezzo beverages in the auditorium.
  • Any beer or wine purchased must be consumed on site at the Lied Center.